How to Analyze Your Competitors in Just a Few Hours Using Powerful Free Web Resources

Analyzing the top companies in your business can be complex and expensive if you approach it in the traditional way. However, if you have been reading this series of articles for the Online Marketing Guerilla (OMG) you will know that we can find everything we need to know in just a few hours using powerful free web resources. This activity naturally follows analyzing customers, which is covered in a separate article.Keep in mind throughout any research to look for what to exclude, so that all you are left with at the end are the gold nuggets of information that enable you to achieve your objectives.First set up a spreadsheet with the following column headings to enable you to organize the information you will be gathering.

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– Who are the major players?
– What are they selling?
For these first two columns you will be taking the results from your customer analysis spreadsheet.
– How are they reaching their customers?
– What makes them different?
– What are they going to do next?1. Go to Google and type in the topic you are looking for. This will bring the companies you have already identified to the first results page. Look at the sponsored links in the pale yellow highlighted section at the top, and those in the right hand column, as these are the companies paying to be there and clearly understand something about search engine marketing. Note what they say and the keywords they use.2. Click the links on the ads and see what happens. What they want you to do on the landing page through to closing the sale will reveal their whole strategy and what they believe makes them different.3. Analyze backlinks. Go through all the links on the site to understand why those companies are paying to be there. Are they selling related or supplemental products? These could lead you into more business areas, as it is often these that open up the best new opportunities.4. Go to, which provides tools for analyzing detailed information about traffic for any website, including geographic and demographic data. This will reveal the most successful companies, and therefore the best strategies you can use.

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5. Set up Google Alerts for everything relevant to your business, including names of competitors, products and websites. This fantastic automated surveillance tool will alert you every time anything related to your business comes into the public domain, including press releases that reveal the next moves being made in the industry. And don’t forget to set up alerts for yourself, so that you know what people are saying about you!You now have detailed knowledge of your target customers and your top competitors, which means that you know where to engage your customers and what will make them want to buy from you. Next we shall look at what we should be saying to them.

Vacation Deals: Save More With These Helpful Resources

Pinpointing the best vacation deals web resources is a nightmare. As is the case with most popular topics, it is often hard to filter through the dozens of outdated websites to find the best. After spending much time scouring through the sites, I am glad to report to you the best three resources for great vacation deals information. Mind you, this is only my personal opinion, but I’m sure others will agree.1. TravelZoo.comPerhaps the best places to locate great vacation deals is the popular This site handpicks the best deals on the Internet. The listings are placed on their frequently updated site. Vacationers can also register to receive regional vacation deals by email which list low-cost travel packages, lodging, and airfare leaving from your city.

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2. FreeTraveling.comThis nifty website reveals amazing discounts. Right now there are two motels with rates below $10 each night. Deal-finders submit pricing typos found on thousands of travel booking websites. If you jump on a new posting, you will save a ton. Someone I know found a 4 night stay at an area hotel for a total price of six dollars! You may not often locate a vacation deal you can use, but it is always fun to search.3. PriceLine.comThis third highlighted web resource is possibly the best known of the three. It is not nearly as reliable to secure deals as it once was, yet you can still almost always find airfare or hotels for cheap rates. The lowest travel prices are found for last-minute vacation deals. You name your price limit and are told in a few moments if the accepted it.

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I know you will benefit from the above resources to increase your ability to get the best vacation deals. Please forward along any other great sites you’ve found. The topic isn’t only for “experts,” you know! You can add your own helpful article at the site located in the section below. I’m sure there are at least a handful of other sites for great vacation deals insights which would help others as well.

Finding the Best Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting also known as eco-friendly hosting is one of the most current additions to the field of web hosting. This particular form hosting can be best described as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional means of web hosting. Most companies nowadays are currently taking the idea of making the impact data center emissions and other commonly used web resources have on the environment. The traditional hosting operation requires a lot of energy to power their web servers and other network equipments. The energy is used in fire suppression systems, internet connections and environmental cooling controls. This has a very negative effect on the environment which is why most companies want to go green to reduce the damage.The main aim of green hosting is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are dispelled into the environment. Web hosting service providers are taking varied approaches to achieve this. Renewable energy credits are some of the actions that companies have taken. These credits are renewable energy sources that have been bought from an electrical company. By doing that it does not necessarily mean that the company is directly utilizing the renewable power but it means that they are making an effort to contribute in reducing emissions.

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Another method is green hosting companies taking practical measures in reducing the amount of energy they consume on their operations. This can be achieved by using fewer computers in the office and other things. The companies could also adopt generators that run on propane gas for their data centers. Green website hosting is more costly than the conventional web hosting plan but it is important to go green because the environment is becoming unstable everyday and you can make a difference. Some of these green web hosting firms also recycle their waste to preserve the environment. The firm managers too can encourage people to turn off the lights when not in use and conduct meetings over the internet instead of having meetings in person to reduce carbon emissions.Some of those companies that have adopted green hosting include hostpapa. This company uses renewable energy certificates to ensure that the power they use is generated in an environmental friendly manner. Also hosting company generates their power for themselves from a renewable energy source. Green web host combines a number of methods to conserve the environment. This particular company has solar powered offices and also conduct their business in a paperless manner. The green web hosting company also plants trees on their customer’s behalf from time to time.

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There are also other companies such as fatcow that are powered by wind and sun. This company offers top notch level of technology while supporting green energy solutions and have been in the market since 1999. Another way that companies can be sensitive to the environment is if they allow their employees to telecommute. All in all green hosting is great in so many ways because with the backing of a good eco-friendly web hosting company, you can feel good because you have taken part in saving the environment. Trust your web hosting reviews company

Types of Web Hosting – Shared Or Dedicated?

So you have finished building your website and you now need to decide whether to choose a dedicated host or to go for a shared server to host it.What are the differences and the advantages of each plan?In a word, under the shared hosting plan, you share server resources with other websites: memory, space and bandwidth. This is ideal for small websites that don’t need much resource to run. Under the dedicated plan however, the user leases the whole web server.Now let us look into more details at both plans: dedicated vs. shared host.The biggest advantage of shared web hosting plans is its affordability: Because you share hosting resources with many other websites, you also share the server’s running costs and this brings down your monthly hosting bill. Due to the huge competition in this market, you also get good value for money in terms of space and bandwidth.

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Shared web hosting plans are also convenient and efficiency: Because they are run by professionals, you need not worry about that aspect of things and concentrate on building your website. Additionally, shared web hosting is efficient as you only use resources your actually need. And you have the option to buy more if you reach your allocated limit.Finally shared web host solutions are user-friendly: Most web hosts provide a user control panel through which you can easily upload and delete files as well as access webmaster tools such as site statistics.Let us now consider dedicated web hosting solutions.The key advantage of dedicated host plans is the exclusivity you enjoy. You don’t have to share web resources with anyone. Because you don’t have to share your server with 200 other websites, you also enjoy more control over what is loaded on the server. Dedicated web hosting is ideal for websites with huge traffic. If your website attracts a heavy traffic, you will require plenty of bandwidth each month and dedicated web hosts usually offer unlimited bandwidth.

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Finally dedicated servers have they own IP address so you don’t run the risk of being blacklisted if other websites on your server get blacklisted by search engines for spamming or illegal activities.In conclusion, before choosing what plan to go with, carefully consider you needs in terms of web space, bandwidth and memory. But you also need to keep in mind you future needs as your website’s size and traffic grow.